Being a Master of Your Money

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Every person who tells me they can't save and create wealth is lying to themselves.  While it's said a wallet once expanded never feels full, there was a time when you made less but had more.  If you really want greater wealth you need to be a master of your money.
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If you're not building wealth by design you are no better than a slave.  Rather than making excuses, come up with small ways to spend less than you are making.  Rather than working harder, find ways to make money work harder for you.

While it is true that costs are constantly expanding and that individual wages grow slower than this inflation, you ultimately have a choice about how you spend your money.  Can you do without certain things so that you can have other things in the future?

You've made less money in the past and possibly have had more to show for it.  Not in useless items, but in practical confidence that if something should happen you'd have the necessary protection.  If you think you can't save now to build wealth, imagine what life would be like if you met disaster.

What you receive today as income is a contribution to your wealth tomorrow.  You are the sole master and decision maker of how these funds are allocated.  Choose to pay yourself first, be modest in your needs, and money will grow easily.

Many are not taught basic economics in school, instead trained to count change rather than make change in their own lives through investing in themselves.  Good news is that it is never too late to start.  A keen eye for opportunity in what you already have can significantly change your fortune in a short period of time.

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